An IRC network with minimal censorship, with a strong focus on free speech and tolerance. Our IRC servers offer a number of services to help protect you and make it easy to connect with like-minded people to discuss what you wish.

Respecting your privacy

Respecting your privacy

We everyone who connects to be safe as well as feel safe, while still allowing you to tell anyone what you wishabout yourself. These are some of the things we do to give you that sense of security:

  • We provide a secure way of connecting to our servers and do not block proxies or Tor
  • We do not log chats, date & time of connections or IP's of connection
  • We do not collect and store any information. Even NickServ, for example, will store whatever e-mail address you provide in an encrypted database. This is only used if you need to recover your password, but is not necessary
  • We do not show your IP and we provide a way to hide your ISP information, so other users will not know even which country you could potentially come from.
Protected Nicks

Protected Nicks

Nickserv enables users to register their nick, so they are the only user with that name, helping prevent confusion and false identification. We encourage everyone who joins to find their nick and register it to protect it from being used by others. Once you have registered and identified yourself, you can use our other services, such as ChanServ, MemoServ and HostServ.

Protected Hostnames

Protected Hostnames

Everyone who connect gets the usermode +x by default. This usermode automatically encrypts a part of your hostname for your privacy, and thus creates a form of virtual hostname in itself. For instance, could end up looking like so other users will not see your real hostname or IP-address by default. By the way, the same applies to IP-addresses that do not resolve to a hostname; they get turned into something like FreeIRC-E0D8BD9C.AC4B4DFE.IP. Hex-encoded octets with 1 octet replaced by .IP.

However, such an obfuscated host name doesn't look very nice, now does it? Wouldn't you like to have something like or I@am.awesome? Hostserv enables registered users to pick their own VHost. Once you set up the vhost and it is approved, as soon as you identify yourself using NickServ, your custom vhost is activated.

Connecting to FreeIRC

FreeIRC is safe, private IRC server. It can be accessed with or without Secure Sockets (SSL).

We are available using our own web client or on Mibbit, for quick access.

To set up FreeIRC on your client:

  1. Select new server from the settings menu.
  2. Enter FreeIRC as the server name.
  3. Enter as the server address.
  4. Enter the port number.
    • Enter 6667 for normal connection.
    • If you want an SSL connection, enter 6697.
    • (Your client may have an SSL box that needs to be checked, there is no certificate needed)
    • (Some clients need to add a plus when setting up in front of the number like +6697)
  5. Enter the nickname you intend on registering. (This will be your permanent nickname, no one else can use it.)
  6. Put a name in the ID field.
Now connect to FreeIRC.

Type /list to list the chat rooms.

Feel free to start your own chat room.

Spamming and trolling are not allowed. We own this server and offenders will be banned from connecting to FreeIRC.

Using NickServer

Nick Server provides the functionality to manage your nickname and ensure that others cannot log in as your chosen and registered nickname.

Register your nickname

When you connect for the first time, you need to register your nickname. This prevents anyone else from using that nickname and will allow you to mask where you are logging in from.

Simply enter the following command as if you were sending anyone else a private message:

/msg nickserv register password [email address]

Make your password something that you will remember, this is the way to link into your username later. You can put any email address where [email address] is, fake it till you make it!

Using your nickname

Each time you log in, you need to identify yourself. You do this again through NickServer

/msg nickserv identify password

Of course, password must be the password you used to register your nickname above. This can be incorporated as part of your connection script from your IRC client. This is usually found in the "Perform on startup" section of your client settings.

Any time you see /msg nickserv, you can use the shortcut /ns to do the same thing. If you have any issues, you can use /ns help to get the commands to use, or come to #help to ask us.

Using HostServer

Host server gives you the opportunity to hide your location from prying eyes. You can pick any host name you would like - they are not restricted to valid URLs.

Register your Virtual Host (vhost)

To setup your Vhost, enter:
/msg hostserv request []
You may use anything where [] is above. Be creative, have fun. There are rules that you cannot use a valid IP address because we do not want you to troll any real locations.

Any time you see /msg hostserv, you can use the shortcut /hs to do the same thing. If you have any issues, you can use /hs help to get the commands to use, or come to #help to ask us. Note: This Vhost is now set for your nickname and will be set every time you identify your nickname with NickServ.

What we do

Our server is hosted by volunteers. We try to do our best to work as professionally, as fairly as we can. We have very simple rules that are open to interpretation, but we always listen to anyone that feels they have been treated unfairly. Channel operators have the ultimate say in their channels, but sometimes we can discuss things with them, but be open to working with what we suggest. Free speech does not mean anarchy. This service is a privilege not a right.

Professionally run

The IRC Operators all volunteer their time but come from varying levels of technical expertise. They are all very friendly and dedicated to making sure you have a safe and fun time away from prying eyes. You can always ask for help in the #Helpcode channel, and there is a bot that gives some of this information there if we are all away from our keyboards.

OpenSSL Encryption

Connections can be made using SSL, TLS and SASL. We try not to restrict VPNs or tor exit nodes, but occasionally these will be blocked from abusive users. Simply change VPN locations or tor exit nodes and you should have access once again.

Useful Services

Services such as NickServ, HostServ, ChanServ, BotServ and MemoServ are freely available (registration required)

Web Chat Available

We have our own web-based chat client that connects directly to our network! It requires javascript and allows you to block annoying users with /ignore, something most other web-based clients do not allow. We do not restrict our network from other web-based clients. Feel free to connect how you wish.

BNC - Stay online!

FreeIRC allows users to stay connected using irc bouncers, but we may kill your connection if you are idle too long. We want an active network that is alive with users that talk, engage, interact and make the place lively and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what channels there are? To get a channel list, you simply use the list command by typing /list and clicking on the channel you wish to enter.

My channel has been overthrown! What can I do? Register a new channel and ask your members to join you at your new channel. You should have registered your channel originally, which would have made it much more difficult to be overthrown.

Is there an official Help channel? Yes, the channel name is #Help. Type /join #Help to join this channel.

Somebody is bugging me - can you ban them? No. Take it up with your channel owner(s) and operators as it is their responsibility to set the rules of your channel. If this user persists to annoy you, use your IRC Client's feature to ignore them. With most clients, just type /ignore <nickname>.

Can I use TOR or a VPN Client with this IRC network? Yes, but you do not need to. Please remember that we only allow 3 connections per IP Address. Once this limit is up, additional connections will not be possible. Many TOR and VPN connections have shared exit IP Addresses.

Can I connect without encryption? Yes. The choice is always yours. The unsecure port is 6667 and the secure port is 6697

Is the Services NickServ and ChanServ secure? Yes. All communcation between our IRC servers is also done via SSL. All data stored in the NickServ and ChanServ databases are encrypted.

Can I apply to be an IRC Operator? No. Join the #Help channel to get assistance, and an IRC Operator may make himself available for you.

Can I help out in the #Help Channel? It is preferred that the #Help channel is kept clear for those that need assistance. You can offer to help, but you may be asked to leave the channel once your question is answered satisfactorily.

What IRC Daemon do you run? We run Unreal IRC Daemon, conbined with Anope services. To get the exact version, please connect to one of our servers.

Can I use a fake e-mail address when I register with NickServ? Yes you may. Unlike other IRC networks we have given the users the ability to protect their digital Identity as part of their human rights to Privacy. However, should you accidentally forget your password, we will not be able to help you recover it if you have used an invalid e-mail address and cannot remember the e-mail address you used. NickServ entries expire after 30 days of inactivity.

Just how secure is this? This IRC network uses the same kind of encryption which is used on most if not all Internet Banking sites as well as well known web sites such as Paypal or Amazon. It is using the strongest allowed encryption and is extremely safe. Even if somebody were to sit in one of the IRC channels to log all activity (this is still possible as it is a feature of the client), the IP's are masked. If you still have doubts, please connect via a VPN.

Will DCC Chats and DCC File Transfers be secure? No. DCC stands for Direct Client to Client, and therefore does not go via our IRC Network. Any chats or sends done via DCC can be intercepted using a protocol analyser. For secure chat, open up your own channel and restrict the access and chat on the channel normally. For secure file transfers, consider using FTP over SSL or another encrypted transfer solution.

How do I register my nickname? When you are on IRC, type /msg NickServ HELP and it will list all the commands you require which are nickname related.

How do I register a channel? When you are on IRC, type /msg ChanServ HELP and it will list all the commands you require which are channel related.