Respecting your privacy

We want everyone who connects to be safe as well as feel safe, while still giving the option to tell what you wish about yourself. How do we do this?

  • We allow standard (port 6667) or SSL/TLS connections (port 6697) to our servers and do not block proxies or Tor
  • We do not store logs of chats, date & time or IP's of connections
  • We do not collect or store any personally identifying information. Even NickServ, for example, will store whatever e-mail address you provide in an encrypted database. This is only used if you need to recover your password, but is not necessary
  • We do not show your IP and we provide a way to hide your ISP information using HostServ, so other users will not even know from which country you are connecting.

Protected Nicks

NickServ enables users to register their nick, so they are the only user with that name, helping prevent confusion and false identification. We encourage everyone who joins to find their nick and register it to protect it from being used by others. Once you have registered and identified yourself, you can use our other services, such as ChanServ, MemoServ and HostServ.

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Protected Hostnames

Everyone who connect gets the usermode +x by default. This usermode automatically encrypts a part of your hostname for your privacy, and thus creates a form of virtual hostname in itself. For instance, could end up looking like so other users will not see your real hostname or IP-address by default. By the way, the same applies to IP-addresses that do not resolve to a hostname; they get turned into something like FreeIRC-E0D8BD9C.AC4B4DFE.IP. Hex-encoded octets with 1 octet replaced by .IP.

However, such an obfuscated host name doesn't look very nice, now does it? Wouldn't you like to have something like or I@am.awesome? HostServ enables registered users to pick their own virtual host (or vhost). Once you set up the vhost and it is approved, each time you identify yourself using NickServ, your custom vhost is displayed.

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