How to use HostServ

We work hard to make things easy for you. We want you to be safe and have fun. So we will come up with some basic guides in how to best use our network so it is fun and safe for you. In this guide we will talk about HostServ, a manager helping users to create and manage their own virtual hosts (vhosts) to hide any aspect of their connection address..

After you've registered your nickname, you can use it to request a vhost through HostServ.

In order to request a vhost, you must be identified as the nickname you wish to be associated with the vhost. You may request any hostname that is not a valid IP address. Internal addresses (,192.168.*.* or 10.*.*.*) may be used. This is to prevent anyone from targeting a valid IP address. It is also requested that the vhosts not be offensive. This is at the descretion of the Network IRCops when they approve.

/msg HostServ REQUEST

-HostServ- Your vHost has been requested.

Once your host has been requested, you must wait for a Network Operator to approve the requested vhost. Provided the vhost complies with the rules, it should be available shortly after requested. It will automatically be applied as soon as requested and your vhost will mask your connection address as soon as you identify your nick with NickServ

What if you have more than one nick? You can simply synchronize all the nicks to have the same vhost by using the GROUP command.

/msg HostServ GROUP

-HostServ- All vhosts in the group YourNick have been set to

You may turn the vhost on or off whenever you wish. Keep in mind, when the vhost is off, other users bay be able to see part of your connection address, so it is strongly advised that you keep the vhost on.

/msg HostServ OFF

-HostServ- All vhosts in the group YourNick have been set to
* HostServ sets mode -x on YourNick
  * HostServ sets mode -t on YourNick
-HostServ- Your vhost was removed and the normal cloaking restored.
  * HostServ sets mode +x on YourNick

/msg HostServ ON

-HostServ- Your vhost of is now activated.
  * :is now your displayed host