How-to Guides

We work hard to make things easy for you. We want you to be safe and have fun. So we will come up with some basic guides in how to best use our network so it is fun and safe for you. We have provided a series of guides to help you navigate and use our network to its full potential. This makes things a lot more fun and safe for you. We will be adding connection guides for the more popular IRC Clients as we get time.

Using IRC Commands

You can learn some of the basic things about IRC. Learn how to move around and some important commands to get you started, as well as a bit of etiquette to make sure you do not make anyone angry.

Using NickServ

Nickserv enables users to register their nick, so they are the only user with that name, helping prevent confusion and false identification. Registering your nick is the only way use our other services, such as ChanServ, MemoServ and HostServ.

Using ChanServ

If you want to create your own channel or help another moderate a channel, it is very good to know ChanServ. This manager helps to keep control on channel and give users privileges without you having to manage them one-by-one

Using MemoServ

We all like to keep in touch with our friends. MemoServ helps us to touch base and leave messages with other registered users whether they are online at that point or not.

Using HostServ

If you want to be even more private, even more custom, than you already are, get your own virtual host using HostServ.

How to help FreeIRC!

Currently, we are not looking for IRC Operators, but we could always use help keeping this service alive! Find out more.