Quick Start Guide

We hope to get you up and running as quickly as possible, so we are providing a quick start guide to connect and get your nickname registered and a new virtual host set up as quickly and easily as possible.

Connecting to FreeIRC

FreeIRC is safe, private IRC server. It can be accessed with or without Secure Sockets (SSL). We are available online using our own Web Client or using Mibbit, for quick access.

To set up FreeIRC on your client:

  1. Select new server from the settings menu.
  2. Enter FreeIRC as the server name.
  3. Enter irc.freeirc.net as the server address.
  4. Enter the port number.
    • Enter 6667 for normal connection.
    • If you want an SSL connection, enter 6697.
    • (Your client may have an SSL box that needs to be checked, there is no certificate needed)
    • (Some clients need to add a plus when setting up in front of the number like +6697)
  5. Enter the nickname you intend on registering. (This will be your permanent nickname, no one else can use it.)
  6. Put a name in the ID field.
  7. Connect to FreeIRC.
Type /list to list the chat rooms. Feel free to start your own chat room. Spamming and trolling are not allowed. We own this server and offenders will be banned from connecting to FreeIRC.

Using NickServ

NickServ provides the functionality to manage your nickname and ensure that others cannot log in as your chosen and registered nickname.

Register your nickname

When you connect for the first time, you need to register your nickname. This prevents anyone else from using that nickname and will allow you to mask where you are logging in from. Simply enter the following command as if you were sending anyone else a private message:
/msg nickserv register password [email address]
Make your password something that you will remember, this is the way to link into your username later. You can put any email address where [email address] is, fake it till you make it!

Using your nickname

Each time you log in, you need to identify yourself. You do this again through NickServ
/msg nickserv identify password
Of course, password must be the password you used to register your nickname above. This can be incorporated as part of your connection script from your IRC client. This is usually found in the "Perform on startup" section of your client settings.

Any time you see /msg nickserv, you can use the shortcut /ns to do the same thing. If you have any issues, you can use /ns help to get the commands to use, or come to #Help to ask us.

Using HostServ

HostServ gives you the opportunity to hide your location from prying eyes. You can pick any host name you would like - they are not restricted to valid URLs.

Register your Virtual Host (vhost)

To setup your Vhost, enter:
/msg hostserv request [a.name.i.want.to.use]
You may use anything where [a.name.i.want.to.use] is above. Be creative, have fun. There are rules that you cannot use a valid IP address because we do not want you to troll any real locations.

Any time you see /msg hostserv, you can use the shortcut /hs to do the same thing. If you have any issues, you can use /hs help to get the commands to use, or come to #Help to ask us.

Note: This Vhost is now set for your nickname and will be set every time you identify your nickname with NickServ.