We try to keep things simple. This means being permissive rather than restrictive. However, our IRCops will always have final say on what is allowed and what is not. Any issues come to #help for help with understanding whether something is allowed or not.

We are here provide a safe environment for everyone.

We do not get involved in personal or channel disputes. Try talking to the channel operator and use /ignore if users are bothering you before raisinit to our IRC Operators

Our rules are simply:

  • No Trolling or abuse - any nick detrimental to channel ops may be passed on to IRC Operators. That nick and IP may be banned at their discretion. Users facing harrassment should first use /ignore before coming to IRC Operators
  • No nicks are allowed depicting violent actions. These nicks may be banned at the IRC Operators' discretion
  • No channels depicting violent actions will be allowed. They will be shut down by IRC Operators.
  • Any channels with risque subject material may be asked to go private by IRC Operators at their discretion. Failure to comply will result in loss of channel ownership.

For any issues please join #Help, ask your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.