What we do

Our server is hosted by volunteers. We try to do our best to work as professionally, as fairly as we can. We have very simple rules that are open to interpretation, but we always listen to anyone that feels they have been treated unfairly. Channel operators have the ultimate say in their channels, but sometimes we can discuss things with them, but be open to working with what we suggest. Free speech does not mean anarchy. This service is a privilege not a right.

Professionally run

The IRC Operators all volunteer their time but come from varying levels of technical expertise. They are all very friendly and dedicated to making sure you have a safe and fun time away from prying eyes. You can always ask for help in the #Help channel, and there is a bot that gives some of this information there if we are all away from our keyboards.

OpenSSL Encryption

Connections can be made using SSL, TLS and SASL. We try not to restrict VPNs or tor exit nodes, but occasionally these will be blocked from abusive users. Simply change VPN locations or tor exit nodes and you should have access once again.

Useful Services

Services such as NickServ, HostServ, ChanServ, BotServ and MemoServ are freely available (registration required)


Web Chat Available

We have our own web-based chat client that connects directly to our network! It requires javascript and allows you to block annoying users with /ignore, something most other web-based clients do not allow. We do not restrict our network from other web-based clients. Feel free to connect how you wish.